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Music - Bo Holten
Libretto - Eva Sommestad Holten

Schlagt sie tot!
An opera featuring the Luther reformation, reflecting the world of today.

(Reviews Malmö Opera performance 2019:)

”...turbulent, thrilling and fascinating”  G. Brodrej, Expressen

”A new opera with music by Luther himself transformed to attractive, dramatic and modern opera ..// Open your senses to new aspects of the man and the myth!"  Per Felzin, Swedish Radio

”Imagine that someone still writes opera like this! ...the marvellous music and the just as impeccable text belong to an all too forgotten genre in the world of opera”   Søren Schauser, Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen

”Rich in images, rich in questions, rich in connnections to our own time.”  Per Felzin, Swedish Radio
”A triumph for the music of Bo Holten.”  Mattias Gejrot, Kristianstadbladet

”..a strong and thought provoking drama, where both text and music reaches beyond the genre of opera”  Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter

 “An exceptional opera project in every respect, aesthetically and didactively completely successful.”  Dr. M. Knust, Operapoint

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Martin Luther
Martin Luther. Medal by Anna Franziska Schwarzbach 2005

- First full performance Malmö Opera 2019.
- Concert performance Act 1,  in 2017 /Aarhus Symphony Orchestra & Danish National opera.  

- CD to be released, Dacapo Records  2020 /2021
- Sound recording by Swedish Radio, via EBU also to Denmark, Germany  and Catalonia.
- For full video and additional promotion material, contact Edition Wilhelm Hansen.

SYNOPSIS in English

FACTS on the opera:
Grand opera including full orchestra, choir/double choirs, option + childrens choir and soloists. 
2 acts, duration 2 h 30 min.

Language: Sung in German. German translation by Jana Hallberg.
Original libretto in Swedish. Non-singing translations also available in English and Danish.  

Information on score
and libretto.
Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen.
Feel free also to contact: librettist eva.holten[at]icloud.com, composer bo.holten[at]ficta.dk

PUBLISHER  Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Wise Music Classical