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Music - Bo Holten
Libretto - Eva Sommestad Holten

Maria Paradis
The blind virtuoso and composer facing the magnetist Anton Mesmer.

The  blind and exploited wonder child Maria Theresia von Paradis  (1759-1824) endures magnetic cures by Anton Mesmer.
She finally establishes herself as virtuoso and one of few female composers at the time - forever remembered for her Sicilienne, which is also part of the score.
The opera honours the concept, that even harsh stories including abuse and trauma, can be told with beauty and elegance.


First performance: The Funen Opera 1999


Sound recording of full performance available from Edition Wilhelm Hansen.

Danish. Synopsis also in German.
This opera profits from direct contact with the audience, and was in Denmark successfully performed without supertitles.
Singing translations, in cooperation with the editor and author team, are welcomed.

Libretto in Danish

FACTS on the opera:
2 acts, ca 90 min (1 h. 30min)
Chamber opera (”Mozart orchestra”)

Information on score and libretto. Contact/Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen.
Feel free also to contact: librettist eva.holten[at]icloud.com, composer bo.holten[at]ficta.dk

PUBLISHER  Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Wise Music Classical