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Eva Sommestad Holten

Alma Mahler - a theatre concert

- The composer, the seductress and the phenomenon.

Including songs by Alma Mahler and Gustav Mahler, see list.*
Alma is the ambitious, inspired and erotically longing young girl, who is suddenly confronted with harsh realities and transformed to the very controversial persona, that continues to trigger debate. Her songs, like a blueprint of her feelings, are in the center of the storyline, as are Gustav Mahler’s. The script has a special reference to the degrading theories on the female sex, that imbued Vienna at the time  -  facing the young Alma at the very onset of her career.

Strong and talented women are still treated and judged in quiet another way than men. For anyone who takes an interest in, why women still in large numbers drop their ambitions and passions, the super talented Alma Mahler continues to be a must   -  exploring the challenges she met.
Alma Mahler/Eva Sommestad Holten

- First performance Arbejdermuseet Copenhagen 2018
- Guest performances Denmark 
Teater Republique / Østerbro Teater Copenhagen 2020
Production Copenhagen Chamber Performance.

Visual introduction
in images - Eva Sommestad Holten 2017 ©

*List of songs including text authors.
Non-singing translations of songs available in Danish and Swedish.
Translations by Eva Sommestad Holten 2019

2 Acts, ca. 1 h 20 min (whereof songs ca 45 min)
Included 10 songs by Alma Mahler, 5 songs by Gustav Mahler.

Minimum cast 1 actor, 1 singer, pianist - can be expanded.
Commissioned by Copenhagen Chamber Performance.
Contact: For more information contact eva.holten[at]icloud.com