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Music - Bo Holten
Libretto - Eva Sommestad Holten

The Emperor's New Clothes

A concert opera for choir (SSA), soloists and symphony orchestra.
Freely adapted from the H. C. Andersen's fairy tale -

The libretto is based on the principles of storytelling theatre, where choir and soloists switch between narration and character play.
It's a show-piece for two opera singers who love fun and action, in interaction with childrens/ girls/ ladies choir, who also takes part in the storytelling.
With dramatic support from a symphony orchestra, this piece has all the qualities needed for reach-out and family/childrens concerts.

Consert opera_Emperor's_new_clothes/Eva_Sommestad_Holten

- DR Symphony Orchestra / Danish Radio 2005.
- Concerts and radio transmission, via EBU also to Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Slovenia, Australia.
- Bruxelles Philharmonic/Flemish Radio 2012. Concerts and radio transmission.
- Odense Symphony Orchestra 2019. Recording

CD-recording; To be released at Dacapo Records 2020
Recordings from both 2005 and 2019 are now available.

Available for singing in Danish, English and Swedish.
Translations by Eva Sommestad Holten 2019

- Danish
- Swedish
- English

FACTS on the opera:  
A concert opera for tenor, baritone, choir (SSA) and Symphony Orchestra.
Duration ca. 30 minutes.
Possible to expand to a full stage version.

Information on score and libretto.
Contact /
Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen.
Feel free also to contact: librettist eva.holten[at]icloud.com, composer bo.holten[at]ficta.dk

 Edition Wilhelm Hansen
/ Wise Music Classical